The close bonds among the Goethals sisters have frayed since their fifth sister’s marriage. To remedy this, they plot the murder of their brother-in-law, Jean-Claude, a pain in the ass. The sisters soon realize that while planning a murder is easy, committing it is another story... Dead at last, Jean-Claude attracts the attention of two insurance agents, the brothers Dewitt, who delve deeply into the private lives of the sisters. It’s now up to the sisters to outwit the Dewitts and get away with murder.


Available:available 10x50' HD
Produced by:Caviar
Co-Produced by:VMMa (Vtm)
Cast:Barbara Sarafian, Kristine Van Pellicom, Ruth Becquart, Maaike Neuville, Inge Paulussen, Dirk Roofthooft, Robby Cleiren, Geert Van Rampelberg
Producer:Ivy Vanhaecke & Frank Van Passel
Director:Kaat Beels & Nathalie Basteyns
Writer:Malin-Sarah Gozin & Bert Van Dael

Ruth Becquart - as Birgit Goethals 38-year-old Birgit—also known as ‘Bibi’—is married to Boris (Steve Geerts) and has two children. In another life Birgit was a crossbow champion, but she was forced to give it up after losing her right eye in an accident. Because of her slightly autistic tendencies, Bibi is the least eloquent of the gang—rather socially inept. She’s a go-getter who doesn’t easily give up… mercilessly marching on with the murder plot in the face of continued failure. Birgit and Jean-Claude have long been at odds. Heartless and efficient, she’s only too happy to hunt down her brother-in-law. As a librarian, Birgit’s encyclopaedic knowledge is a valuable asset to the sisters’ murder plot.

After studying at StudioHerman Teirlinck, Ruth Becquart acted in various theatre productions. She soon made her mark on the small screen in various Flemish series such as ‘Witse’, ‘Code 37’, ‘De Rodenburgs’, ‘Aspe’, ‘De Ronde’ and ‘Zone Stad’. Like Kristine Van Pellicom, Ruth also starred in the feature films ‘Dirty Mind’ and ‘Linkeroever’.

Barbara Sarafian - as Eva Goethals The oldest of the Goethals clan, Eva raised her sisters following the untimely death of their parents. This 45-year-old singleton lives in their parents’ home in peaceful and idyllic Vredegem.

Like her brother-in-law, Jean-Claude, Eva works as an accountant at Wijnants & Co. This childless woman is a real control freak and natural born leader, instilled with an overwhelming sense of responsibility. She looks chic and controlled, but deep down lurks a warm, passionate woman. As the eldest sister, Eva often takes the lead, bearing all accountability in the murder plot. A realist, Eva’s efficient outlook, makes her a capable strategist, driven by a higher goal: to reunite the clan and help Goedele to have a better life.

Barbara Sarafian has starred in various Flemish films, such as ‘Zot van A.’, ‘Rundskop’, ‘SM-rechter’, ‘Allez Eddy’ and ‘Meisjes’. She gave a dazzling performance as single mum Matty in the 2008 film ‘Aanrijding in Moscou’, for which she won the jury award for best actress at the 2009 Mediawave Festival in Hungary. She has also appeared in several Flemish television series, including ‘Zone Stad’, ‘Dubbelleven’, ‘De Ronde’ and ‘Kiekens’. As Jacky Lafon, Birgit Van Mol or Anne De Baetzelier in ‘Tegen de Sterren op’, Barbara has consistently proven her versatility as an actress.

Inge Paulussen - as Goedele Goethals Goedele is the middle sister in the Goethals clan. She is married to Jean-Claude and together they have a daughter, Bloeme. As a housewife, she lives in the shadow of her husband, and always puts her family’s needs above her own. She is content with her role, and puts her heart and soul into maintaining a perfect household. Goedele is positive and caring, with the patience of a saint—her naivety and primness are disarming. Her four sisters accuse her of never making time for them.

After studying at Studio Herman Teirlinck in Antwerp, Inge Paulussen was an active player in the theatre world. She first became known for her role as Dr Kris Jamaer in the TV series ‘Spoed’, and later as Inspector Samantha ‘Sam’ Deconinck in ‘Witse’.

Maaike Neuville - as Rebekka Goethals At 32, Rebekka—‘Bekka’ to family and friends—is the youngest of the Goethals gang. She earns her living as a masseuse and lingerie model, but she dreams of opening her own massage studio one day. Bekka is a charming, impulsive woman who lives life to the fullest.

She invariably follows her gut, but refuses to take responsibility for the results, and is rather clumsy and nonchalant. The youngest Goethals is kept ignorant of the murder plot for as long as possible. When she does get involved, the sisters try to give her as little responsibility as possible. Rebekka has a tendency to make a hopeless mess of things.

Maaike Neuville’s first film role was as Charlotte, in the 2005 film ‘De Indringer’. Together with Kristine Van Pellicom and Ruth Becquart, she also starred in ‘Dirty Mind’. Maaike Neuville has acted in such films as ‘Code 37 De Film’ and ‘Weekend aan Zee’. On television Maaike has appeared in the drama series ‘Katarakt’ and ‘De Smaak van de Keyser’. She also starred in ‘Van Vlees en Bloed’, ‘Witse’, ‘Dubbelleven’ and ‘De Rodenburgs’.

Kristine Van Pellicom - as Veerle Goethals Mother of three Veerle Goethals (43) is the second oldest sister. Her nursing job proves useful when crafting the murder plans.

Veerle is married to Wouter (Mathijs Scheepers), who works as a paramedic at the same hospital as his wife. Veerle is passionate, chaotic and emotional, with a wistful, melancholic nature. She is strongly defined by notions of right and wrong, which means she is perpetually plagued by doubt, inner turmoil and indecision. Veerle expresses her passion through her hobby, photography and her lover Ben. Veerle is the ‘conscience’ behind the murder plot.

Kristine Van Pellicom didn’t have much trouble empathising with the Goethals clan—she has four sisters in real life. Hardly a newcomer to the trade, Kristine has appeared in many Flemish series including ‘Rang 1’, ‘Aspe’, ‘David’, ‘Code 37’, ‘Oud België’ and ‘De Parelvissers’. In 2009, she played the lead in the film ‘Dirty Mind’, alongside Wim Helsen. In 2003 she appeared in ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’, a film by dEUS frontman Tom Barman.

Dirk Roofthooft - as Jean-Claude Delcorps Jean-Claude (50) is Goedele’s husband; he regards her as the 'best catch of the family’. He adores her, referring to her affectionately as ‘Moeke’. Still, his domineering presence reduces Goedele to little more than a silent house slave.

Jean-Claude works as an accountant at Wijnants & Co., alongside his sister-in-law, Eva. Dubbed ‘the bastard’ behind his back, Jean-Claude never quite sees eye to eye with his sisters-in-law. He lives according to his own rigid value system, reacting strongly to anything that conflicts with his middle-class principles. An unusual hobby betrays his neurotic side and assuages his assertiveness and hunger for power. Jean-Claude is the epitome of small-minded bad manners, which leads to frustration at family gatherings.

But Clan is not Dirk Roofthooft’s first venture into the television world—he also starred in ‘Zone Stad’, ‘De Ronde’ and ‘Terug naar Oosterdonk’. And he’s made a name for himself in the film and theatre world as well. He dazzled in ‘Loft’, ‘De Zaak Alzheimer’ and ‘Any Way the Wind Blows’. On stage, Dirk Roofthooft has worked with Jan Fabre, Josse De Pauw, Peter Sellars and Zita Zwoon, among others.

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